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Our Mission

EcoMasterBoards is committed to selling products from environmentally friendly materials made and grown in the USA.  We pledge to conduct our business in a responsible manner that safe guards our planet and its inhabitants.

Our Products

Sample Boards

When considering displaying your products, consider this…our sample boards are manufactured  in the USA to exacting standards using environmentally friendly recycled pulp and water based adhesives and can be safely discarded and repurposed.  They are extremely rigid, and more so once samples are mounted.  Whether your product is pavers, mosaics, marble, flooring, carpet, etc. we have the sample board that meets your needs,  if we don’t have it in stock our factory can produce it  based on your specifications.  Our sample boards have been manufactured for over 30 years.

We maintain an inventory of 8 standard size Sample Boards ready to ship within 48 hours. Our standard boards feature a white semi gloss or a black semi gloss finish on the display side.

Some of the disadvantages of using MDF boards are;
  • Low grade MDF may swell and break when saturated with water.
  • May warp or expand if not sealed.
  • Most contain urea-formaldehyde, which is a “known human carcinogen” and may cause allergy, eye and lung irritation when cutting and sanding

Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is one carton. Our aim is to make it possible, easy and cost effective for small businesses to purchase what they need, when they need it.

In stock sizes Sample Boards are available in white or black and have a 1” x 3.75” hand hole conveniently notched for hanging display and crafted rounded corners.

Eco-Soy Candles

Our luxury Eco-Soy candle line was recently launched.  Because our company cares about the environment, we began researching for a natural, renewable and sustainable resource that does not release toxins into the environment (Soy candles are nontoxic) thus they are much healthier for human’s,  pets and the environment.  Our candles are only made from American grown soybeans to support our farmers and economic sustainability.  Soy wax retains it’s strong scent, and will burn up to 3 times longer than traditional candles.

Every candle is hand poured in small batches to insure the highest quality.



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